• Sunday, October 7, 2007

Welcome to Read the Nobels!

The challenge: to read books authored by Laureates of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

This blog is dedicated to reviews about the individual books, and your thoughts on the laureates themselves.

There is no time limit. You may post your old reviews.

Interested in joining?
You may contribute to this blog by posting in your own blog or posting directly here (you need to be signed up in Blogger). To sign up, send an email to readerrabbit22 AT gmail dot com with "Read the Nobels" somewhere in the subject line. You will then receive an invitation to join. Please include your blog URL (if you have one) and your name as you'd like to have it appear in the members' list (on right sidebar "The Nobel Readers").

A few simple rules on labeling your posts:
  • Label with the year and the name of the laureate (e.g. 2006: Orhan Pamuk)
  • Make another label with your name
  • Do not label with the book title ... as there are just too many books!
Have fun and here's to our adventure in reading!


Laura said...

Hi Aloi, just curious about the format of this blog. When I view it, everything is in one long skinny column, including things normally found on sidebars (like archive, labels, and challenge participants). Is it just me? It makes it a bit difficult to navigate.

gautami tripathy said...

I would like to join. I will send my email NOW!

test said...

Hey Laura, what browser are you using - I use firefox - two columns? Very strange ... will take a look in another browser and email you...

Gautami, you're in! :)

Laura said...

Hi Aloi, I'm using IE 6. Thanks for looking into it!

Marianne said...

Just found this group and love it. I have read quite a few Nobel prize winners in the past, I always try to read the newest one and at least an older one I haven't read that, though most of the time I end up with more than tree books a year. This group will inspire me to read even more. Most of the novels I read have been fantastic.

Marianne said...

Just posted a list on my blog titled Nobel Prize Winners and Their Books. I did send you an e-mail and will start posting as soon as I am an official member of this group.


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