The perpetual challenge

The perpetual challenge is to read books authored by Laureates of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

This blog is dedicated to reviews about the individual books, and your thoughts on the laureates themselves.

There is no time limit. You may post your old reviews.

Interested in joining?

You may contribute to this blog by posting on your own blog or posting directly here (you need to be signed up on Blogger). To sign up, send an email to readerrabbit22 AT gmail dot com with "I want to Read the Nobels" in the subject line.

Include your blog URL (if you have one) and your name as you'd like to have it appear in the members' list  "The Nobel Readers" on the About page.

You will then receive an invitation to join. You will have access to post entries directly on this blog.

Posting Guidelines

A few simple rules about posting your reviews:

  • If copy-pasting from your own blog, please put in the html version (not the display or WYSIWYG version) into Blogger so that your post takes on the fonts and formatting of the template.
  • Upload the cover art directly into Blogger so that images will appear properly

Labeling your posts:
  • Label with the year and the name of the laureate (e.g. 2006: Orhan Pamuk)
  • Label with your name as reviewer
  • PLEASE label with the book title ... it now shows up on the drop down menu!
  • DO link back to your blog post if you cross posted
  • If the book is available on Project Gutenberg project, please link to it so others know they can access the book
  • You're free to link to affiliate posts

Have fun and here's to our adventure in reading!

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