Doris Lessing: Five Selections

“Oh, Christ!” Doris Lessing is reported to have said when told she’d won the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature. The 87-year-old author has been a favourite for the Nobel for at least three decades now — her collected works would fill an entire bookshelf, and she is still widely read and discussed. Her oeuvre is so vast that it’s hard to capture the full impact of her writing, but here’s a look at some of her work.

The Grass is Singing: (1950)
The Golden Notebook: (1962)
Children of Violence: (1952-1969)
Canopus in Argos: (1979-1983)
The Diaries of Jane Somers: 1984

Read the full article by Nilanjana S Roy in the Business Standard here.

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