The Twyborn Affair by Patrick White (Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers)

I’m not surprised that The Twyborn Affair was a bestseller.  It’s easier to read than the High Modernism of Voss  and it’s an intriguing read.  The curious life and identity of Eddie Twyborn is told in three parts:
  • in the south of France where Joanie Golson, in retreat from British scorn for ‘colonial’ Australians, discovers and becomes fascinated by ’Eudoxia’ Vatatzes, and there are enigmatic hints of a relationship that don’t make sense;
  • the interlude on the Monaro where Eddie Twyborn has ambiguous relationships with the local squatter’s wife, Marcia Lushington and the manager Prowse ; and
  • the life of Eadith Trist, the madam of a high-class bordello in London. 
I read and blogged this book on September 26th, 2009.  To see the rest of my review please visit but beware, there are spoilers.

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